My 8 favourite agile Retrospective Warm-up Games

You can find the very same article in the Babbel Magazine as well.

In my role as Engineering Manager, I run the Scrum retrospective of the team every couple of weeks. …

A selected list of resources to dive into the culture of successful companies.

Corporate cultures play an important role in defining how successful a company is within its business domain. Not every company culture automatically leads to good results fitting the required market need and size.

When you want to…

Run through this step-by-step guide to set-up an access-point for a version 3.2 Realtek chipset wifi dongle on Raspian.

Used hardware:

Following up on my recent post of creating a REST API for controlling an RC boat, it became clear that a more flexible setup is needed to have a joyful experience.

After playing around with the previous implementation, where navigation using buttons still felt very clumpsy, I thought that using…

Inspired by PiBoat I also want to control an RC boat with the help of my Raspberry Pi Zero. Read about the first steps to get the boat moving.

Used hardware:

After getting started with my Raspberry, I wanted to make it transportable and trackable outdoors as well. That’s when I came across these instructions, which I used as a starting point for this manual.

Used hardware:

Following up after my first article on how to setup a Raspberry Pi Zero, I want to walk you through connecting a camera to it.

Used hardware:

Used hardware

Used software

Follow installation instructions here which should lead you to a functional micro…

Last week we had our first version of the eGym labs. It is a company event where all the software developers gather in Munich for 2 days and participate in a Hackathon. People from different departments pitch problems which they believe can be solved with the help of technology. This…

Michael Münzer

Engineering Manager @ Babbel

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