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  • Pablo Krapirca

    Pablo Krapirca

    I am an experienced product manager, with several years managing and mentoring other product managers, passionate about solving problems that matter

  • Pinterest Engineering

    Pinterest Engineering

    https://medium.com/pinterest-engineering | Inventive engineers building the first visual discovery engine https://careers.pinterest.com/

  • Daniel Fritzsch

    Daniel Fritzsch

  • Stephan Horsthemke

    Stephan Horsthemke

    Tech + sustainability enthusiast

  • Brenno Ferrari

    Brenno Ferrari

    iOS Developer

  • Jean Mainguy

    Jean Mainguy

    Software Engineer at EGYM 💪 Seeking DevOps & SRE 🚀

  • Lara Hogan

    Lara Hogan

    Engineering leadership coach and consultant at Wherewithall

  • danrl


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