The culture behind Big Tech

A selected list of resources to dive into the culture of successful companies.

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Corporate cultures play an important role in defining how successful a company is within its business domain. Not every company culture automatically leads to good results fitting the required market need and size.

When you want to make conscious decisions on building your companies values and acting on them authentically, learning from other companies is almost always a good idea.

Even though most cultures start small where they are also easy to change, finding well-documented resources for companies in small markets is very hard.

So I focus on learning from companies that were able to scale their organizational culture to a large number of people. Sometimes these companies were even shifting their culture at this size to still match the market need. A much harder challenge for these organizational leaders.

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List of resources, some contain Amazon affiliation links

Having clear cultural values leads to easier decision making for employees and less need for structure and processes. At the same time, an organization needs to make sure these values are well understood and lived up to.

I hope you can learn something from your most admired companies on this list and bring it to your startup or enterprise. Even if not, it might help you better understand cultural norms around you.

In case you want to help to keep this list up to date. Feel free to add new companies and resources using this form. It will send me your suggestion to review and I will happily add it to the list.

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